7 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do for Under $1000

When budgeting your money and time for a home improvement project, it's hard to know what will give you the most bang for your buck. The subject came up at the subreddit Home Improvement. The question was, "What $500-$1000 investment was a total game changer for your house?" Experienced homeowners had plenty of stories, some costing way less than $500. Apartment Therapy selected seven of the best and posted tips on getting the job done. 

They range from the obvious, which is "paint your interior." You can do one room at a time, and a fresh coat and different color will make your place feel like home. Some you would never think of on your own, like installing "soft close" doors and lids, to keep slamming to a minimum. It will also make your doors last longer. There are close to 5K comments at the original thread, in case you want to do a deep dive into your next potential home project.

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