The Story of a House, a Family, and HistoryThis house in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston has quite a history, as related by Anne Magee Coughlin. It was home to four generations of her family, over a period of more than one hundred years. In that time, history was made, the city changed, and many family members were born and then died. The house itself is just a structure, but it endured as a connection between generations, a cupboard of memories, a place to feel safe, and a reflection of the people who called it home. You don't have to know the family to understand their ups and downs, and why this house, as personal as it is, is worthy of a tribute. Warning: you might need a hankie for parts of this story. #house #history #family #Boston
A Step-by-Step Guide to DeclutteringMoss and Fog has an intriguing post about decluttering. It offers ways to get rid of the things you do not need and how to store thing you want to keep, which is useful to make room in your home. Go check it out. -via Nag on the Lake​However, I've been slowly decluttering my house for some time now, and I also have a few tips that might help you. The hardest part of the project is getting started, because it seems like a monumental task. Getting started is easier when you begin by telling yourself that it doesn't have to be done by a certain deadline, and that every little bit is a step toward the goal. Remember that. One task every day will get you in the habit of working on the project. Some days you will get a lot done, and other days you won't, but since you don't have a deadline, forgive yourself for the lapses and get started again. "Getting something done" every day doesn't have to include actually getting rid of things. The sorting and cleaning are worthwhile tasks, too. Things to trash go by the trash bin or into the truck bed. Giveaways go in one room, or in your car trunk. And you don't have to finish sorting any particular type of thing to make a run to the thrift store, recycling center, or the dump. Just do it when you have enough to justify a trip. That also goes for having someone pick it up for you. While raising children, I got into the habit of keeping everything in case it might come in useful later. A few years later, you have to ask yourself honestly, what are the odds that I will ever really use this? Or that I will use this much of it? Out it goes. It's not ever going to be useful after being stored for years anyway. Sure, you'll have to buy one thing you just got rid of, but getting out of that mindset is worth it to get rid of a ton of clutter.If you think your superfluous stuff may have any value, have a yard sale. It's a lot of work, but satisfying. You might even make some money. But you'll get tired, and the idea of hauling any unsold stuff back into the house for storage will change your mind about its worth. Take it straight to a charity dropoff or to the dump instead. You won't miss it. Confront your feelings about sentimentality. Grandma loved her collection of knick knacks, but do you? There is no obligation to keep it all. Pick out one or two things to remember Grandma by, and give the rest away. Others may want to remember Grandma, too, or they might want to start collecting themselves. More power to them. As for your own collections, which of them give you an ongoing thrill, and which are taking up too much room? Sure, you like baskets, but do you really need a dozen of them? Always look for an opportunity to give possessions to friends and family. If they need it or want it, they will appreciate it, which is more than that stuff is worth cluttering up your house. Over time, you will start to see daylight. The more you get rid of, the more you will enjoy the activity of getting rid of things. Your home will look better, you'll be able to find things easier, and cleaning will be simpler. The trick is to get started. Whether you ever get finished is another question, but you will make progress, and that will feel good. (Image credit: Jonathan Billinger)#clutter #decluttering #minimizing 
Luxury Villa with Two Pools and Water Slides is Made of MudIt takes two to… build a livable luxury villa with two pools and water slides ENTIRELY out of mud.Via their YouTube channel Primitive Survival, two Thailand men share a time lapse footage of themselves building a villa from the ground up. From the video that to date has raked up 41 million views, the two can be seen constructing the mansion using mud, water and bamboo. The home is equipped with one pool on the rooftop and a much larger one on the basement, complete with a pair of water slides.That’s not the only time they’ve done this. On the channel, the guys have over 100 videos documenting their processes building all sorts of beautiful structures with mud.#mud #mudhouse #swimmingpool #waterslide #villa #timelapse
Treehouse Hotels and Rentals For Your Vacation(Image credit: Fox and Hounds Hotel)You've got the travel bug after two years at home, but you don't want to deal with crowds. It would be great to relax in a natural place, as long as it's not too hot. How about a vacation where you stay in a treehouse! No hiking or adventure tours will be necessary to get back to nature, and the accommodations are luxurious. You can stay in treehouses in a rainforest, a nature preserve, an evergreen forest, on a mountainside, over a lake, or even in elevated accommodations without trees at all. The views are spectacular, which is why they were built in the first place, and you'll have all the privacy you can imagine. From South Africa to the Arctic, from Japan to Utah, there's a treehouse out there calling your name.
Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine AirbnbGo back to 2002 and relive the groovy life in the Mystery Machine with Shaggy himself!For the 20th anniversary of the first Scooby Doo live action movie, Warner Bros has partnered with Airbnb to give fans a special Scooby-fied stay aboard the Mystery Machine. Matthew Lillard, Shaggy himself, is hosting three stays on an actual recreation of the iconic green van, set along the coastline of Southern California. Guests will be treated with all-you-can eat snacks that include Scooby and Shaggy’s favorite (like hot dogs and eggplant burgers), plenty of games fit for the mystery-solving duo and a retro TV to re-watch the film. Of course, monsters not included.Image: Ja Tecson/Hogwash Studios/Airbnb#airbnb #scoobydoo #MatthewLillard #MysteryMachine
The Downsides to Living in a Shipping ContainerIt wasn't all that long ago that shipping containers were lauded as the answer to the US housing crisis. They are large, customizable, and relatively cheap. They can be put anywhere. You can use several of them if you want, and even stack them if you like. The outside can be altered to look like a regular house. In other words, they are a shortcut to building a new house, but sturdier than a house trailer. And the kicker is that you can feel good about re-using something that would have ended up in a landfill instead.But there's more involved this plan than you might know. Phil Edwards spells out the particulars of container living, while staying in a shipping container himself and eating graham crackers. You can skip the first 3.5 minutes of this video if you just want to learn the downsides of shipping containers. -via Digg ​#shippingcontainer #modularhome