Bygone Kitchen Features That Once Meant ConvenienceHere we learn about, or else reminisce about, kitchens of the past, and eleven features that we no longer see. I would say this is really ten items, since a Hoosier cabinet was mainly notable because it contained a flour sifter.I've never seen a rolling pin drawer, but I'm quite familiar with most of these bygone utensils and appliances. I've lived with a few, because I have always lived in very old homes. My rolling pin is now in that high cabinet over the refrigerator with other stuff I never use, like my meat grinder and my cookie cutters. The fold-down ironing board is cool, but a portable ironing board can be taken to the living room to watch TV while ironing, or to the office to use while sewing, or to the dining room when you have too many guests and need another buffet table, or to the bedroom when you finally get rid of the exercise equipment and need something to pile clothes on. Ironing boards are handy even if you don't have an iron.
For $35 Million, You Can Live in a Salad SpinnerYou will be forgiven if you thought this is an office building, most likely some corporate headquarters. Or maybe a luxury hospital. Believe it or not, this is a residential home, in Beverley Hills. It's on the market for $34,995,000. Designed by notable architect Ed Niles, it was once the home of Justin Beiber, although he didn't purchase it- he rented it for $59,000 a month! Other celebrities have taken short term rentals, leading to publicity and the nickname "the Salad Spinner house."
Historic Galveston House is a Bargain for $1,400,000 Want to live in a lovely historical landmark? The Sonnentheil House in Galveston, Texas, was built in 1886-87 for German immigrant and Confederate veteran Jacob Sonnentheil. You have to imagine him ordering the biggest house in town, because this house has an interior space of 4,852 square feet on a 10K square foot lot. It has three huge bedrooms, four full bathrooms plus two half-baths.
A Satisfying Do-It-Yourself House RenovationChinese social media user Chengid112 (娟小刘) is very capable with tools. In this video, she takes a small, plain house (not the one shown in the static image) and makes it into a home. It appears to have adequate plumbing and electrical circuitry, or else those are repairs we don't get to see. There's no guarantee that she did all this by herself, but what she does on camera is pretty impressive. The project, which we see in just a few minutes, took two years. The first four minutes are devoted to the outside, as she takes a small space and makes a lovely courtyard out of it. Then she tackles another small room that once passed as a kitchen and makes it special, building her own concrete countertop with a sink and a stovetop. At nine minutes, she is in the bedroom, which is in pretty decent shape, but she makes all her own furniture! At 11:30 she is back outside, cleaning, painting, and making a balcony into a private terrace for entertaining. You can see more of chengid112's videos at TikTok, but I wouldn't click any links from there.
Four Ways to Remove WallpaperWallpaper is a wonderful way to give color and interest to your home, and it's pretty trendy right now. But only if it's the exact wallpaper you want. If yours is dated or dilapidated, you'll need to remove the old paper before painting or putting up the wallpaper design you selected. I've taken down wallpaper in old homes and was appalled that there were several layers. It's no wonder those walls were so lumpy! Also, when removing wallpaper, be aware that in an old home, there is the possibility that the paper was installed to hide damage to the plaster, paneling, or drywall underneath. But it's better to find out now while you're in a redecorating mood, right? Also consider that the older, uglier, and dirtier the wallpaper is, the more likely it is to be difficult to remove. Yet the reward is greater as well. John & Sherry at Young House Love have tried the different methods for removing old wallpaper, and have ranked them by difficulty. Start with the simplest method, and if that doesn't work well enough, move up to the next method. Read up on all four methods, with their tips and tricks from experience.(Image credit: Lordcolus) 
For Sale: Pee-wee Herman's HouseThe great comic actor Paul Reubens, who was most famous for his character Pee-wee Herman, passed away last year at the age of 70. His luxurious midcentury home in the Los Angeles area is now up for sale. You can browse the Zillow listing here.One aspect of it that I especially appreciate is a fenced in patio, which is pictured above, that Reubens set aside for the enjoyment of his cats. It’s optimized for supreme feline enjoyment, with cat furniture and the opportunity to get either shade or direct sunlight as the spirit moves a cat.-via Zillow Gone Wild