Builders Can't Build Homes Because Their Workers Can't Find Homes to Live in While They Build HomesAfter the pandemic, construction is booming again. And thus the Vancouver construction industry - with its reliability, relatively good pay, and enough variety of works - is in demand of more fresh workforce.And yet, at a time when new construction projects spring up at a greater number than ever, the city of Vancouver is experiencing a shortage of labor. And it’s not due to the lack of job prospects - it’s that workers are having a hard time finding affordable housing in the area. When the prices of homes in Vancouver are five times the prices in say, Saskatchewan, the burgeoning job opportunities suddenly become less attractive. The situation is compounded by the builders wages that have not progressed in line with the rise of house prices.Image: Kier In Sight/Unsplash#homebuilding #Vancouver #construction
Dealing with Rising Sea Levels -by SellingThis house is a third-story walkup. According to the real estate listing, it was built in 1974. How has it remained stable on all those cinder blocks for almost 50 years? Well, the house might be that old, but the pillars aren't. Here's a look at the house from 2013, from Google Street View.
This Basement Is a House​This bizarre house in Deer Creek, Illinois is for sale. It appears to be the basement of a previous above-ground home. The house was then demolished the basement converted into a freestanding home in 1997.I don’t know about the neighborhood (though I would guess that there is no zoning), but it’s not a bad deal at a mere $35,000, which is a small fraction of what one would pay for a equivalent above-ground house. It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. There is a separate garage and a shed that are above the ground.If you don’t really care about continuous access natural sunlight, it’s an impressive buy.-via Zillow Gone Wild| Photo: Zillow#basements
The New Aesthetic of CluttercoreMarie Kondo's minimalism may bring you joy, but for others, it sparked a backlash known as maximalism. Now there's an offshoot design trend that has been picking up steam with Generation Z, boosted by the pandemic and promulgated by TikTok and Instagram. It's called "cluttercore." While some may see it as "hoarding disorder meets OCD," fans of the look see it as surrounding yourself by the things that truly bring you joy. And when so many people spent so much time home alone these last two years, surrounding yourself with things that make you happy has been a valid coping method.
The Mansion That Inspired The Great GatsbyThere was more than one mansion on Long Island's Gold Coast that influenced the writing of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitgerald. The neighborhood was the playground of the elite wealthy during the early 20th century. The most opulent was Harbor Hill, owned by Clarence Mackay and his wife Kitty. Mackay's story is one we've all heard before, even if the names change. Industrial tycoons of the Gilded Age passed their wealth down to descendants who only wanted to party the Roaring '20s away, until the crash of 1929 ruined everything. Let's take a look at the amazing display of conspicuous consumption that Harbor Hill was to Clarence Mckay, and ultimately to F. Scott Fitzgerald.#historicmansion #historichome #TheGreatGatsby #HarborHill  
A Guide to Arranging Supermarket Flowers Like a FloristHow many times has this happened to you? You forgot an important occasion, like a holiday, birthday, or anniversary, and now it's too late to call a florist. You can pick up a bouquet of flowers at the supermarket, sure, but you'll make a better impression if you arrange them to look as if a professional designed this bouquet just for your loved one. Florist Alexander Campbell takes us through the process of designing a floral arrangement from selecting the color palette to choosing the right flowers to laying them just so. You can do this when it's not an emergency, to save some money and give your home a splash of fresh color. You'll get a nice sense of achievement, too. But I'd like to know where you find a grocery store that will let you pick four of this flower and six of that flower, plus a handful of greenery. It must be a big city thing. However, you can use these same principles when picking flowers from your backyard garden to bring inside. -via Nag on the Lake​(Image credit: Becky Harlan/NPR ) #flower #floralarrangement #bouquet