Home Goes on the Market for the First Time in 700 YearsLooking for a longstanding property with some history? An estate for sale in Adlington, Cheshire, UK, has its roots in the Saxon era. Adlington Hall was the home to seven generations of Norman Earls until it passed to King Henry III in 1221. Some of that history is gone forever, as the oldest part of the existing house, the Great Hall, was completed in 1505. The house has been expanded, reduced, and remodeled in various phases since then. Adlington Hall has been the private home of the Legh family for hundreds of years. It can be yours for a mere £30 million.
A Treasure of the Art World in the Real Estate ListingsAn unassuming 840-square-foot two bedroom cottage in High Falls, New York, is up for sale for $240,000. It would make a great getaway in the Catskills, but there's more to it. This was the art studio that Russian/French artist Marc Chagall worked in from 1946 to 1948, before he returned to France for good. Chagall had come to the US in 1941 after escaping occupied France. The artist's period in High Falls was a productive one, where he created around 100 works of art. Chagall moved to High Falls with Virginia Haggard McNeil, who was pregnant with his child. The couple settled into a house on Mohawk Road and turned a smaller cottage on the lot into an art studio. The property with the art studio has been severed from Chagall's home, and the smaller building is for sale. Strangely, the real estate listing says the house was built in 1950. It wouldn't be the first time that the "year built" statistic is an approximate guess, but this house has a highly documented history. The listing is managed by Berkshire Hathaway. -via Nag on the Lake#realestate #MarcChagall #artstudio
Home For Sale is an Art FunhouseThe Twitter account Zillow Gone Wild found a home that has plenty of surprises. The Sacramento house is nice on the outside, and gives no clue what the interior is like.
Lampshades Made of Pencil ShavingsLook at this creative overhead lamp, shaded with a pencil shaving! Yeah, the lamp is bigger than a pencil, but you may be surprised to learn that the shade is a real pencil shaving.
The Polystyrene Foam Rainbow Pumpkin ArchLet’s face it. Not all Halloween decorations are created equal. For those looking to up their Halloween game with something a little less spooky, and a whole lot more colorful, there is the polystyrene foam Rainbow Pumpkin Arch. This festive do-it-yourself piece is the brainchild of the people at The House That Lars Built.The House That Lars Built is known for their unapologetic use of pops of color. This project is no different. The magical piece uses painted polystyrene foam pumpkins in an array of bright colors. The nice part about using painted pumpkins, however, is that the palette is easily changed. One could easily make the same arch using a more subdued combination of black, orange, and purple pumpkins. That said, there really is no denying that the rainbow effect is spectacular.  With a bit of elbow grease, ingenuity, and some PVC pipe you can create one too.  Happy Halloween-ing! (Image Credit: The House That Lars Built)​#rainbowpumpkin
"De-Pinterizing" Antique FurnitureWhy would anyone paint over beautiful wood furniture? There are several reasons. Often people buy used furniture to fill a specific need, and since it's cheap, they don't mind painting it to match the color scheme of the rest of the room. Maybe the finish has some damage that they don't know how to repair. But most egregious is the lingering effects of the "shabby chic" trend that played out about 20 years ago. Painting and then "distressing" wood furniture is easy; reversing it is not. But dedicated furniture lovers will do their best. Redditor toothqueencolleen found this cedar chest at Goodwill for $20. A peek inside showed that it was good quality cedar, so she set about restoring it to its former glory. Look how it turned out!