A Genius way to Maximize Kitchen Storage Space

A kitchen with counters around the room makes work -and clean up- much easier than the alternative (believe me, as I once had a plain kitchen stuffed with a motley collection of freestanding tables and cabinets). But there's that corner where you have a dead space underneath without access from the front. May people use that to store items that are only used once a year or so, but it's still a hassle to retrieve them. A lazy Susan is another idea, but it's still difficult compare to what you are about to see.

Woodworker Oscar Mejia Showed us this wonderful built-in kitchen storage unit that could add dollars to the value of your home. It sure impressed me! One caveat- you'd have to be careful to never drop food onto the mechanism's runners, because cleaning or lubricating them could be a nightmare. -via Digg 

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