A Goth Barbie Home for Sale in Wisconsin

A house doesn't get any pinker than this. Even the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge house wasn't this pink, and it was repainted after the show. Honestly, I don't think covering such a shade of pink would be easy, if it's even possible. This three-story Victorian home was built in 1900 in Hudson, Wisconsin. It has seven bedrooms and four bathrooms, plus a pool, hot tub, and a theater. Let's take a look at the interior.

Oh my. You can tell it has a lot of beautiful wood trim, underneath that paint. Only a few rooms are Barbie pink, and there's 5,611 feet of interior space, which leaves a lot more rooms that aren't pink. The seven bedrooms all seem to have some sort of theme, though. One is orange, two are pure goth, and even the attic bedrooms are pretty fancy. See, this house is currently an Airbnb. One had to wonder how many Barbie fans are clamoring to share a house in Hudson, Wisconsin, with other Barbie fans. It is for sale, after all. The master suite is really nice, complete with a spiral staircase, stripper pole, en suite bathroom, and laundry. I am having a problem understanding how it can be made private from the rest of the house.

But then you step outside and it's all pink again. It goes without saying that this neighborhood has no HOA. The real estate listing has 60 pictures. It doesn't mention whether the furnishings are included, but we can assume the pink Jeep is not.

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