A Home Built for the View

This home in Oregon by Scott Edwards Architecture has many lovely features that are only possible on a huge private tract of land. You can't put a glass house in a neighborhood unless you want to be the view! It's very wide, but it doesn't require too much of a level surface because one end is cantilevered to, you guessed it, enhance the view. The back of the house appears more accessible, but still has plenty of mountain-viewing area.

The interior is ultra modern, but also incorporates nature because you can see mountains for miles from almost any room. One caveat from my experience is that in the cantilevered room, you may experience vertigo near the glass walls, which I once alleviated by placing large houseplants in that area so you don't step too close to the glass. The aerial view shows us there are fairly large gardens around the property as well. But I'd like to know what that huge building off to the right of the house is for. Maybe it's a workshop, or maybe storage for all the things you must remove from a home to make it look this minimalist.

See more pictures of the gorgeous home built for the view at Contemporist. -via Nag on the Lake 

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