A Home Mural Gets a Last-Minute Reprieve

Look at this beautiful house in Ohio. It has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms and it's lovely inside, too. It has a big yard, a sun room, a patio, and even a theater room. The real estate listing just went up today, but this house has a viral history already. Realtor Sam Cooper, who has quite a TikTok following, gave us a glimpse into the entryway a few days ago and caused a sensation.

Paint over that gorgeous hand-painted entry? Before it's even listed? More than 52,000,000 commenters objected. It would be a crime to paint over all those murals and ceiling art just to make it boring realtor gray. A crime. The potential crime spilled over to Twitter.

The immediate backlash surprised Cooper, who took it to heart and altered the plan.

A paint allowance means if someone contracts to buy the house but doesn't want the art, they can be credited with the cost of the work to get it repainted. At least it won't be painted over before potential buyers get to choose, just to make it more "marketable." Let's take another, closer look at that foyer.

I'd keep it that way, wouldn't you? -via Digg 

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