A Home that Comes with Its Own Town

A property in Colorado looks a bit weird on paper. The single-family residence has 18 bedrooms, one full bathroom, and six half-baths. The living area is listed at 28,715 square feet. And it's only $3.7 million! You have to see the pictures to get the real idea of what's going on here. The house is nice, but it's not the only building. There's a hotel with a dance hall, church, saloon, bank, general store, stables, and bunkhouses. It's an entire replica of a Wild West town!

That sounds like a lot of fun, and possibly an opportunity for income from travelers, group rentals, and movie productions- although I would add more showers. This is all on 320 acres, and it has 24 RV hookups. Check out the details of this fantasy property at the real estate listing. There are lots of pictures. -via Digg ā€‹

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