A Home with a Detachable Office

Architect Tom Kundig heard a joke about a family that had one member that no one liked, and wouldn't it be great if you could have a detachable bedroom and just eject them, room and all, when the going gets rough? Lou Maxon thought it was a wonderful idea for his home office. So when Kundig designed a home for Lou, Kim, and their three boys, he made the moveable office a reality. The Maxon House is a thoroughly modern home encased in glass, set deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest with no neighbors in sight. The two-story detachable office is set on reclaimed antique rails, and can be rolled away from the house and deeper into the woods when Lou, a train enthusiast, needs the extra solitude for his design work. The control panel and other accessories are also reclaimed railroad antiques. This kind of feature isn't for everyone, but the Maxons love it.  -via Digg ā€‹

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