A Look Inside the Narrowest House in New York City

The narrowest house in New York City has its own Wikipedia page. The Millay House at 75½ Bedford Street is only 9'6" wide. On the inside, the widest part is only 8'7", but there are narrower parts. And it's on the market now for just under $5 million. For that, you get a whole lot of celebrity history and a whole lot of narrow stairs to climb.

That said, it is astonishingly nice inside. This house has four levels, three bedrooms (or four if you put a kid in the relatively pleasant basement), two bathrooms, fireplaces everywhere, and a shared garden out back. Take a tour of this historic home and imagine climbing all those stairs every day. It might be worth it to sit in an antique bathtub and look out through your balcony onto your backyard trees in the middle of Manhattan. -via Digg 

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