A Map of The City of Chicago Etched on a Lampshade

Staying in the loop of hot, sweet, and spicy home trends can be exhausting. Sometimes a person just wants their home to be a comforting space that buoys their spirits. They crave home design that is simple, but yet is lightly seeded with the memories they relish. They desire the space to be an oasis in a sea of great lakes. 

Those who have bean to Chicago, IL know that it can be an L-evating experience. People are often blown away by the beauty of this windy, windy city. Some foodies even say that Chicago has stolen a pizza their heart. For many, the food is what makes this city a real wiener. 

For those who think Chicago is top dog, there is Chicago Map Lamp from MakeItEtched. This fun lamp is a great way to add a little personality to a room. The lamp features a metal industrial style base. The glass lamp shade is etched with a map of the Chicago area.  

Images: MakeItEtched on Etsy

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