A Panel Truck Turned into a Fantasy Castle

When you live in an RV or a converted van, you expect to live in a compact manner. Yeah, there are some campers that expand slightly with moveable panels, but none of them transform the way this truck does! New Zealanders Justin and Jola travel a lot (Jola is an acrobat), so Justin designed a home they and their son Piko could move about in and call home. The truck looks big, but once it's parked and set up, you'll wonder how they ever got all that stuff in there in the first place.

This house has features you'd never expect in a truck house, or even a tiny home, like full-size appliances, a solar-powered food dehydrator, an antique sewing machine, a washing machine, and a roof deck with a hammock and a bathtub! There are genius space-saving ideas, like a lazy Susan closet with automatic lighting, plus artsy touches that make it feel like home. And they built it all themselves! Read more about Justin and Jola's truck home at Living Big in a Tiny House. -via Fark 

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