A Professional Shows Us How a Hoarder's House is Cleaned

A hoarder's house can be a nightmare in more than one way. We sometimes hear about houses that are falling apart, infested with insects, animal carcasses, and trash because the resident no longer has the ability to clean up and needs help, due to age, illness, or drug addiction. What he have here is something different. A resident of this nice home amassed things constantly- what they call "excessive acquisition." It became so much that it interfered with everyday living. Mack Leighty from Midwest Magic Cleaning tackled the job of decluttering this home, and had to bring in a couple of other folks to help.

This is what we all need to beware of- the unnoticed amassing of too many possessions. You might not realize when it gets to the point that you cannot deal with the amount of things yourself. It's better to start now and reduce your inventory to a manageable level before it gets out of hand. Then do that every year or two. If it's not liable to be useful sometime soon, give it away. Keep your treasures and the things that always spark joy, but all that stuff that you might unpack "someday" doesn't need to be there at all. -via Damn Interesting ā€‹

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