A Satisfying Do-It-Yourself House Renovation

Chinese social media user Chengid112 (娟小刘) is very capable with tools. In this video, she takes a small, plain house (not the one shown in the static image) and makes it into a home. It appears to have adequate plumbing and electrical circuitry, or else those are repairs we don't get to see. There's no guarantee that she did all this by herself, but what she does on camera is pretty impressive. The project, which we see in just a few minutes, took two years.

The first four minutes are devoted to the outside, as she takes a small space and makes a lovely courtyard out of it. Then she tackles another small room that once passed as a kitchen and makes it special, building her own concrete countertop with a sink and a stovetop. At nine minutes, she is in the bedroom, which is in pretty decent shape, but she makes all her own furniture! At 11:30 she is back outside, cleaning, painting, and making a balcony into a private terrace for entertaining.

You can see more of chengid112's videos at TikTok, but I wouldn't click any links from there.

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