A Wicker Pagoda Dog Bed for the Sophisticated Pup

Most dog beds are designed to blend into the space. A very special few, however, are purposely tailored to be the center of attention. The Wicker Pagoda Dog Bed, by the Enchanted Home, is clearly destined to be the star of any room. 

The Chinoiserie style Pagoda Dog Bed is a modern take on a classic style. Wicker and rattan tend to blend magically with Chinoiserie, and this dog bed seems to prove that point. The bed is made of light earthy toned woven materials. It is fashioned to resemble the beautiful pyramidal shape and structure of Asian temples. Tiny woven bell like structures hang from the corners. These accents provide dimension and character to the bed.

This dog bed, built only for small dogs, is a statement piece. The item is a charming and functional interpretation of East Asian architecture.  It is a way to incorporate a sophisticated, yet playful, pet space into home design. 

Image: The Enchanted Home ā€‹

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