Applying Gypsum Wallboard in the 1950s

Watch this guy set up interior walls in a hurry with one handy tool! The video is sped up, but not much.

While drywall was invented more than 100 years ago, it only became universal during the postwar construction boom. It was a real time saver compared to the lath and plaster technique it replaced. If you enjoyed the short sequence, you might be interested in the full video from the Gypsum Association. It contrasts the master craftsman above with Handy Andy who does everything wrong.

In the video, they refer to drywall work as lath and plaster, terms that builders of the 1950s would understand as analogues to the previous wall-building process. Today we reserve the term for the older technique of wooden laths filled in with liquid plaster. Modern drywall work involves a lot less plaster than these guys use!

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