Atlas Missile Silo for Sale, Cheap

If you're looking for a place to live or possibly a commercial opportunity, have I got a deal for you! A listing in Abilene, Kansas, would be just perfect as the headquarters for a supervillain or for riding out the zombie apocalypse or nuclear war. Check out a decommissioned Atlas F missile silo complex with eleven acres of land. The underground facility comprises 6900 square feet of living space, one bathroom, and no bedrooms. With that much space, you'll surely be able to figure out a place to sleep.

Above ground, all you'll see is a quonset hut, a couple of outbuildings, and a concrete entrance to the underground facility. In other words, excellent camouflage for anyone wishing to hide from the world for whatever reason. The asking price is $380,000. What a bargain! However, in case you don't understand how much work can go into rehabilitating this kind of property, here's a website from a guy who did it. It took years, but you could end up with something worth bragging about, ...or maybe something you'll never disclose for personal reasons.

Note: Missile not included.   

-via Fark 

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