Beach Art House Party Palace For Sale

This house looks very nice. Large and expensive, on the beach in Florida. It comprises 12,414 square feet, with four bedrooms and five bathrooms, plus pool and garage. But this is no everyday beach mansion. It was specially built in 1987 for Ron Rice, the founder of the Hawaiian Tropic company. He used it a his party palace, and outfitted it exactly the way he wanted it. Take a look inside.

Yes, it's an art gallery, arranged to Rice's personal taste. You can see how that taste permeates every room in the house, which includes two outdoor pools and one indoor pool, a sauna, a 6-person spa, a disco dance floor, a bar, a guest suite, and more. But it was built without a real kitchen. A few cooking appliances were later added to the bar, but not what most of us would think of as a kitchen, which seems strange for a house designed for entertaining. Maybe Rice had a favorite caterer.

Rice died a year ago. Since this house went on sale in December, the price has dropped from $6 million to just under $5 million. You'll be crushed to find that the furnishings and artworks are not included in the sale. See 83 pictures of this home at the real estate listing. -via reddit ā€‹

(Images credit: Realty Pros Assured)

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