Bring Nature Inside for the Winter with a Homemade Indoor Greenhouse

Every year, gardeners and plant enthusiasts pay so much attention to the changing temperatures that they are surprised by the sudden lack of daylight. For those cold and dark months, having a greenhouse inside makes you feel like part of nature again. A greenhouse doesn't have to be large nor expensive to enjoy, and there's a spot in your dining room that will accommodate one.

You can make your own greenhouse out of things you probably already have around the house. An old aquarium, a less-than-heirloom china cabinet, a mason jar, storage shelves, all can be converted to a greenhouse to grow and display house plants. Build a box of any size by gluing together cheap picture frames in the shape of a house! The availability of inexpensive grow lights allows you to put your greenhouse anywhere. Architectural Digest has eleven ideas for making your own indoor greenhouse, plus advice on selecting plants for it and getting the most out of your winter project.

(Image credit: Burkhard Mücke

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