Christmas Decorations on TikTok: Trendy or Traditional?

Many of us are starting to pull out the Christmas decorations, the same decorations we put up last year, from a collection that we've added to for years. Generation Z doesn't have that collection yet, since they are in college or establishing their Christmas habits in their first apartment or house. They have the small inventory and the flexibility to decide what Christmas this year will look like. So what kind of Christmas decorating aesthetic are they going with?


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Stores will cater to whatever color or kind of decorations you want, or craft supplies to make your own. On TikTok, I found plenty of influencers, interior decorators, and "trend predictors" telling us what will be hot for Christmas 2023. One insisted on apricot tree ornaments. One thinks blue will be the color of the season. Several think minimalist white will be big. So what's trendy?


Here are three Christmas trends we can expect for 2023. Which one is your favorite? Looking to buy, sell, or invest? Contact Jodi Avery at (727) 238-9660 #christmasdecor #christmas #realestate

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Honestly, they all start to sound like someone is trying to sell you something. Apartment Therapy has noticed that people on TikTok are tired of being trendy, and would rather decorate like their childhood homes. 

She's not alone. Maximum color and maximum lights! Not only do they want to experience Christmas like they did as child, they also want their own children to feel that same kind of magic. And that's how traditional Christmas decorations became the way they are. These folks will amass a collection of decorations that reflect family memories and celebrations against the cold and dark. The first TikTok video, the one asking what others will be doing, has 14,740 comments, and they overwhelmingly say "traditional."

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