Couple Discovered a 115-Year-Old Hidden Mural during a Renovation Project

Discovering a hidden old mural is the last thing you are going to expect when building a bar and a gathering place.

Nick and Lissa Timm started a renovation project at the end of 2021 to convert a building in Okanogan, Washington, into a pub for their community. When they removed the plaster that covered up the walls, they found a hidden 60-feet long and 20-feet tall mural painted on canvases. A lake, cabins, and trees were illustrated in the painting.

The Okanogan County Historical Society responded to the Timm’s discovery by sharing a 1915 newspaper clipping which revealed that the murals painted were for the Hub Theatre at that time. "The new improvements at the Hub include 120 feet of panoramic landscape scenery in light tans,” the clipping stated.

The couple’s plan for renovating the building will still proceed, with some refinements. "It's funny how this worked out. We were going to make it a historical showcase by bringing in a bunch of historical stuff about the area,” Nick said. - via CNN

Image credit: CNN Style, Okanogan County Historical Society

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