Cracker Barrel's Holiday Offerings Include a Cinnamon Roll Pie Which is Cinnamon Rolls Baked Into a Pie Shell and Covered in Icing.

Cracker Barrel has pushed the envelope of dessert once again, and just in time for the holidays!

The restaurant chain, known for its menu of traditional Southern cuisine, has combined cinnamon rolls and dessert pies into one unusual yet yummy-looking Cinnamon Roll Pie.

“Our new, sweet holiday pie with cinnamon rolls baked within a pie shell then drizzled with a sweet cream cheese icing,” Cracker Barrel’s website noted, “Enjoy any time of day including breakfast, brunch or dessert.”  At a whopping 3,340 calories, be sure to leave some room for dessert after your meal if you want to have a slice of this cinnamon roll/pie combo!

Image Credit: Cracker Barrel

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