Crocheted Cat Castle Pet Bed

For those re-moat-ly interested in pet friendly home decor we present the Crocheted Cat Castle Pet Bed. This hiss-terical little cat palace features a drawbridge, moat dwelling Kracken, and its very own bumbling bee guard. In a manor of speaking it is radi-claw way to add some real purr-sonality to a home. More importantly, however, this magical design is sure to turn any furry sourpuss into a happy glamourpuss.

It is un-fur-tunate, but this paws-itively adorable pet bed appears to only come as a set of crochet instructions. It is, therefore, only purr-fect for those who like to sink their claws into an activity and add personal touches to their home. Those, however, with the talent and the time to tackle this construction project are sure to create something amazing for their royal feline. No one can deny that this regal pet bed has some serious cattitude. 

Images via Etsy: BuddyRumi

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