Dealing with Rising Sea Levels -by Selling

This house is a third-story walkup. According to the real estate listing, it was built in 1974. How has it remained stable on all those cinder blocks for almost 50 years? Well, the house might be that old, but the pillars aren't. Here's a look at the house from 2013, from Google Street View.

The story will be clear when you realize this house is in Buras, Louisiana. Wikipedia will show you the town's location. You will also find the hurricane history of the village. It has been devastated by Chenière Caminada (1893), the 1901 Louisiana hurricane, the 1915 New Orleans hurricane, Betsy (1965), Camille (1969), and Katrina (2005). But aside from hurricanes, dry land in Louisiana is disappearing at an alarming rate. One has to wonder what the insurance rates would be for this property. And how you would move your furniture in. Is there a boat tied to the rear entrance? The interior looks really nice, and the listing cites a good view of the levee, but who will be willing to take a chance on this house? -via Fark 

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