Designing a Home to Use Solar Panels

So, you're building a new home, and you want solar panels. Good decision! Not only is solar power sustainable, but it will cut your energy bills for years to come. But your home's design will make a big difference in how efficiently those solar panels will work.

First, there's the shape of the roof. How many surfaces will be available for panels, and how big can they be? A roof with too much of a pitch may limit sun exposure, but a flat roof will limit water drainage. In which direction is your house oriented? There may or may not be any wiggle room that. The materials your roof is made of will have an effect on the ease of installation and the efficiency of solar panels. And you'll need to take steps to limit pigeons.

Let your architect know if you'll be employing solar panels early on the design phase of your project. And get a roundup of the factors that will go into your design decisions at Moss and Fog.

(Image credit: M J Richardson

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