Disappear Into the Forest (Literally) at Arcana Micro Cabin Retreat

Look at this lovely cabin in the woods! Can you see it? Maybe all you can see is the door at the side, which is good, or otherwise you wouldn't find your way inside. This is an Arcana Micro Cabin, clad in mirrors in order to blend in with the woods around it.

Field magazine has a description. 

Much like Backcountry Hut Company, Arcana proposes to provide an immersive outdoor experience via architecture—the focus here is more about health and well-being rather than a rugged adventure. As such, the design team made these reflective, polished stainless steel cabins to intentionally blend into their natural surroundings. Much like the mirrored getaways at Sacramonte Landscape Hotel in coastal Uruguay, the structure allows guests to literally disappear into the landscape and have the same one-of-a-kind micro-cabin rental experience popularized by Getaway.

The prototype cabin is a couple of hours from Toronto, at an address that will only be shared once you book a rental, although the first open dates are in 2022. One presumes that you may need to take a GPS device to find the cabin when you arrive. -via Fark 

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