Do You Really, Really Like Aqua?

This beachfront house in Hopkins Landing, British Columbia, takes its inspiration from the sea in a big way. Anything that's not blue is green, or somewhere between the two. This is SeaGlass cottage, a 1,289 square foot house with three bedrooms and one bathroom on a little more than an acre.

The interior decorator had a sea glass theme in mind, and it's carried out in all the bedrooms as well as the rooms pictured here. We assume the bathroom is also done in shades of aqua. These colors are most commonly found in bathrooms, although we can't be sure because there's no picture of it. Of the 40 images at the real estate listing, about half are of the grounds and the view from the house.

The price is $3.5 million, but that's in Canadian dollars; it's only $2.6 million US. What a bargain! That price is no doubt due to the location, as an acre of land with 156 feet of beachfront is the main selling point. If you can snatch the location up, whatever you do with the house is your business. -via reddit ā€‹

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