Don't Just Buy a Chalet, Buy a Whole Village!

Edelweiss Village is for sale -all of it. The village uphill from Golden, British Columbia, was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1910 to house professional mountaineers from Switzerland who came to teach people how to scale the Rocky Mountains -or just drag them along. These became known as the famous Swiss Guides. By the 1950s, all the inhabitants had moved downhill to Golden, where it was easier to get supplies. But these chalets haven't been sitting idle all that time; they have been outfitted with modern plumbing, electricity, and heating, plus a modern road. The wood, fireplaces, and Swiss gingerbread are still there. There are six Alpine chalets included in the deal, plus another home built in the '70s, on 50 acres of land. And the views from each house are spectacular.

If you're into skiing, mountain climbing, history, or just the beauty of nature, you can't beat the location. The real estate listing offers all this for $2.3 million Canadian, or $1.8 million in US dollars. Split between your mountaineering friends, that's a bargain. 

See the interiors in a huge gallery at the listing. -via TimeOut 

(Images source: Remax)

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