Fern House Plant Crafted of Iron by Italian Homazing Design

An Italian firm by the name of Homazing Design has created the perfect houseplant alternative. This decorative art piece is made of laser cut iron and is designed to resemble a tropical fern. No water, fertilizer, or love is needed to keep this potted plant looking in tip top shape.   

The metal fern is manufactured in Italy by metal artisans. After the metal is laser cut the pieces are painted. The pieces are next assembled and shaped into the form of a potted plant. 

The metal fern is a playful way to add an artistic and nearly natural element to a home. It is perfect for those who crave the look of a plant, but fear the commitment needed to keep something alive. This whimsical iron fern is a delightful and amusing substitute for the real thing. 

Images: Homazing Design  

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