For Sale: Boston’s Skinny Spite House

The Skinny House in Boston's North End is only ten feet wide, and much of that is taken up by stairs to access its three floors and roof deck. There are places inside where the walls are barely six feet apart! However, the tiny piece of property is in a great location and comes with some history ...and notoriety.

This home is reportedly a “spite house”—a building designed to stymie another construction project or bug neighbors by blocking sunlight or stamping out their view. Many spite houses were “constructed in the days when building codes were lax,” urban journalist John Metcalfe once reported for CityLab, “and so their underlying contempt and animosity has been grandfathered into the modern landscape.” These odd little properties are likely to be found in old neighborhoods, where the street grid was once jagged and might still be irregular today.

Read the story behind the Boston Spite House at Atlas Obscura, and if you're interested, see the listing here

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