Four Ways to Remove Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a wonderful way to give color and interest to your home, and it's pretty trendy right now. But only if it's the exact wallpaper you want. If yours is dated or dilapidated, you'll need to remove the old paper before painting or putting up the wallpaper design you selected. I've taken down wallpaper in old homes and was appalled that there were several layers. It's no wonder those walls were so lumpy! Also, when removing wallpaper, be aware that in an old home, there is the possibility that the paper was installed to hide damage to the plaster, paneling, or drywall underneath. But it's better to find out now while you're in a redecorating mood, right?

Also consider that the older, uglier, and dirtier the wallpaper is, the more likely it is to be difficult to remove. Yet the reward is greater as well. John & Sherry at Young House Love have tried the different methods for removing old wallpaper, and have ranked them by difficulty. Start with the simplest method, and if that doesn't work well enough, move up to the next method. Read up on all four methods, with their tips and tricks from experience. 

(Image credit: Lordcolus

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