A Dubai Company Created a Floating Pod That Can Be Used as a Home or a Store

Aqua pods are floating stores and living spaces developed by a Dubai-based firm. For the past four years, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the aquatic architects' design studio, Ahmed Youssef, has been developing and creating floating pods. One of his most well-known creations, the Aqua Pod, was designed to bridge the gap and provide the amenities that people needed both on and off the water. It's just like any other shop, with all hands-on deck. 

The Aqua Pod is an off-grid pod with a solar panel system on the roof, a desalination tank below to provide fresh water, and a container to collect waste from the sea on the overboard. They created the pods not only for comfort, but also to help people live in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. On busy days, the Aqua Pod supermarket can service up to 50 different boats, while the Aqua Pod lounge includes a built-in sofa that steps out of the pod, adding up to 25% extra space to its interior.

Ahmed has additionally opened a burger business and a lounge that is expanding and can provide a variety of services. He also intends to develop the Aqua Pods to include a sports center and a full aqua pod village, in addition to stores and floating residences.

Images by: Aquatic Architects Design Studio

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