Here's How You Do an Underground House

There are quite a few advantages to living in an underground home. Your house blends into its natural surroundings and no one can tell how large it is by looking at it. It stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, using natural insulation to keep utility bills down. And exterior maintenance is a snap. But what about the drawbacks? The first one that comes to mind is the problem is getting a decent amount of sunlight. But modern architects have ways of letting the sun shine in.

The home you see above is called NCaved, designed by Mold Architects. The multi-level home is set into a gently sloping hillside on a Greek island, with terraces facing the sea on several levels that bring in the sun. It's one of ten underground or partially underground homes designed for modern living that you can see in a roundup at Dezeen. -via Nag on the Lake ā€‹

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