Here’s The Cheapest Place To Live In Europe

Look, sometimes, things just get too tough where we are all living. Sometimes, the cost of living is too high, or the unrest is just too much for us to handle. These are perfectly valid reasons for us to pack up our bags and move elsewhere. 

Another reason for moving away from the place we once called home is for a new outlook on life. A fresh start, so to speak. 

If you have any of these reasons (or others, that’s also fine) as the main motivation as to why you want to move away, you’re probably considering where you should go next. 

For those interested in looking for places in Europe, an analysis published by YourOverseasHome has revealed the perfect destination that might be of interest to you!

While their analysis is done in consideration for British people, we still think that to some extent, it may also apply to other nationalities who are looking for homes in Europe. 

According to them, Italy is the best destination. With its beautiful coastlines and excellent train system, the country also boasts cheap prices for its products. Groceries are 40% less expensive compared to the UK. 

Learn more about Italy and other potential cities you can move to here!

Image credit: Anastasiya Lobanovskaya

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