Historic Galveston House is a Bargain for $1,400,000

Want to live in a lovely historical landmark? The Sonnentheil House in Galveston, Texas, was built in 1886-87 for German immigrant and Confederate veteran Jacob Sonnentheil. You have to imagine him ordering the biggest house in town, because this house has an interior space of 4,852 square feet on a 10K square foot lot. It has three huge bedrooms, four full bathrooms plus two half-baths.

But that's just the beginning. Look at that magnificent veranda! That gingerbread! The house is filled with historical touches, like inlaid parquet wood flooring, stained glass, ornate woodwork, antique lighting, and five fireplaces. There's also a carriage house apartment with another two bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom. Check out 50 photos of the Sonnentheil House at Zillow.

The house has been listed for sale on and off for three years now. While the $1.4 million listing price seems like a bargain, a new owner will also have substantial maintenance costs and you will have to deal with the historical society, which has rules about what you can do with it. -via Digg ā€‹

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