Home For Sale is an Art Funhouse

The Twitter account Zillow Gone Wild found a home that has plenty of surprises. The Sacramento house is nice on the outside, and gives no clue what the interior is like.

The 2,320 square foot home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus a decor created by the current owner who was inspired by the work of Barcelona architect Antoni Gaudí, all done in caulk, styrofoam, wood, and paint.

The real estate listing has a price of $825,000. It comes with a full basement, a pool, and two-story garage.

The colorful interior is so unique that you'll first think that any potential buyer will either love it or hate it. It strikes me that people will look at this and think "I can't imagine living in this, but I'm glad I got the chance to see it." You have to wonder if it's an estate sale, or if the artist is willingly stepping away from a lifetime of work. Either way, I hope that whoever buys the property is someone who wants to keep it this way.

There are certainly enough shelves to store everything you could possibly have.

See all 75 pictures of this property at Redfin. 

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