How Do You Buy a Home in L.A. for $250K?

Imagine a home on the waterfront in Alhambra, California, close to businesses with no neighbors close by looking in your windows. That's what you'll get with this house sandwiched between a road and a culvert over a drainage canal. It's got a rooftop deck that's level with Main Street, as you can see in the Street View perspective at the real estate listing

The interior is 462 square feet that could use a coat of paint. The floors are concrete. There is no air conditioning, and no parking space. Under "accessibility features," we learn there are no interior steps. The stairs are outside, and it appears that you walk down to the door from your street level deck. Your property is protected by a barbed-wire fence, which is no doubt there to keep kids and animals out of the storm drain. This kind of home would never get a building permit today, but it has been there since 1949. But hey, it's Los Angeles, and it's only $250,000!

Living on a bridge over a drainage canal would be an adventure. The title of the adventure would be The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and you could be the bridge troll. -via reddit ā€‹

Update: Thank to the publicity, the home saw a bidding war, and was sold for $430,000!ā€‹

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