How NOT to Take Real Estate Photos

(Image source: CounterproductiveRod

Selling your home will probably be the biggest financial transaction you make in your life, except for buying one. The way you advertise it will make a big difference between luring prospective buyers and ending up on the subreddit Ridiculous Real Estate. Imagine this scenario: your realtor asks if you have any pictures of the interior of your house. You look through the photo albums and pick out some candid family snapshots that were taken in each room. And that's your real estate ad. You should start looking for another realtor.

(Image source: JoeJoe-a-GoGo

Even when a realtor offers to take pictures for you, you might get something totally unsuitable. You should always look at other listings your realtor has photographed, and always look further than just a one-image newspaper ad. But even with a professional taking pictures of your property, things can go wacky.

(Image source: wrkhrd2bfit

In the photo above, the photographer stitched together more than one image to even out the lighting, and in the process captured a ghost cat! For some people, that would be a great selling point. However, if your house is ugly, overdecorated, or cluttered, even the best photographs won't help. See a roundup of 50 bad real estate photos so you know what not to do when you sell your home at Bored Panda. 

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