How to Get Started on a Native Plant Garden

Getting back to nature out in the garden is one of the best ways to spend your time in the spring. More and more people are looking to make their gardens get back to nature, too, with less grass to mow, more bird and bee friendly flowers, and native plants. Growing plants that evolved for your area can help keep invasive plants (and animals) at bay, give a boost to pollinators, and raise your odds for success in getting your plants to survive and thrive right where they are meant to be.

But going native in your garden might mean starting from scratch. No, you don't need to rip up your entire yard to get started, but you should go into the project prepared. You should assess your environment, get advice on which plants to use, and find out where they are available. You'll also need to decide how much you can do in one season, and what your approach will be regarding landscaping, soil enrichment, fertilizers, and pesticides. Mental Floss has some tips to get you started, from planning to enjoying, for a garden full of natural and native plants you'll find relaxing and satisfying for years to come.

(Image credit: USFWS Mountain-Prairie

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