Kengo Kuma Drapes Gaudí’s Casa Batlló with 164,000 Meter of Kriskadecor Aluminum Chain Curtains

Famed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma made Antoni Gaudí’s iconic Casa Batlló in Barcelona even more lustrous by draping it in chains ...lots of chains, as in 164,000 meters worth of Kriskadecor’s aluminum chain.

Kuma added the aluminum chain like curtains on the foyer, staircase and coal cellars of the Casa Batlló, with the upper floors having lighter shades and the lowest levels having darker colors to mimic the gradient in the building’s courtyard.

All that metal would probably make a lot of clanking noise when they bump into each other, so special acoustic panels were placed on the ceiling of Casa Batlló to keep the noise level down.

“We have imagined this space dressed in aluminum link curtains, which with their meticulous materiality catch the light, as if they were fishing nets, and show it to us in all its forms: brightness, silhouettes, shadows… this way, by omitting the use of any other materials, and erasing the presence of this blind box and its staircase using these chains, we are able to speak of light and light only” Kuma said.

Images: Jordi Anguera (@jordianguera_photo)

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