Linoleum is Making a Comeback

Frederick Walton patented his invention called linoleum in 1863. It was a game-changing floor covering. Linoleum was warmer than stone, quieter than wood, and easier to clean than carpet. With a few tweaks, it also became the most affordable floor covering, so it was a huge hit. Linoleum's popularity in the first half of the 20th century eventually gave way to other flooring material, and people began to see it as old-fashioned, cheap, and industrial.

But what goes around comes around. Just because something has been around for 150 years doesn't mean it's lost its benefits. Linoleum is still comfortable, affordable, adaptable, easy to clean, and now we find out it's even sustainable. Vox gives us the history of linoleum and how it's making a comeback in homes.

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