LUMIPOD: A Tiny Cabin Perfect for Getting Closer to Nature

French design company LUMICENE has just made it easier to battle the stress of city living by introducing us to this gorgeous tiny cabin called LUMIPOD.

A LUMIPOD is a small pre-fab circular house of just 183 square feet (17 square meters), comprised of just a bedroom and a bathroom, that use the company's signature curved floor-to-ceiling windows. These bedroom windows slide open to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces for the ultimate, immersive outdoor living.

In 2019, LUMICENE unveiled the circular cabin in the French Alps, calling it a "cocoon of simplicity settled in the middle of Nature to welcome city dwellers willing to relax away from the concrete jungle." While the current version of the cabin has to be hooked up to water and electricity, the company is working on an off-the-grid version.

Images: Oxygen and Kevin Dolmaire

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Inviting the outdoor in is as simple as sliding open the LUMICENE window, a curved glass window in aluminum frames sliding between two rails. When opened, the curved windows nest inside the back side of the circular cabin walls.

LUMIPODs are available in 3 sizes - from a small 183 square feet (18 square meters) hotel room size cabin to a larger 452 square feet (42 square meters) family-size unit with kitchen and 2 bedrooms.

LUMIPOD components:

1- Curved Entry Door

2- LUMICENE curved reversible window

3- Curtains

4- 150 square feet (14 square meters) bedroom with panoramic view

5- Bathroom and toilet

6- Wardrobe

7- Utilities closet

8- Curved wood-frame walls

Light oak wood provides for a bedroom that inspires calm and peaceful serenity.

When windows are fully opened, the bedroom has 180 degree of immersion in the outside space.

Larger-size LUMIPOD has a sitting area in the bedroom.

LUMIPOD blends in with the surrounding natural space ...

... or it can be a great addition to an existing house, perhaps as an in-law or guest unit.

LUMICENE has also created a sauna LUMIPOD unit.

Luxurious bathroom in the larger LUMIPOD unit.

LUMIPOD cabin in the winter.

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