Magnificent Church for Sale in St. Louis

Look at this property for sale in St. Louis! Yes, it's a church, but it's also a home. The Abbey was renovated in 2004 to make it a condominium with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a modern kitchen, and laundry facilities. But it also comes with 2,644 square feet of interior space, a 35-foot high ceiling in the sanctuary, stained glass, and all the organ pipes!

There's no mention of the actual organ coming with it, but you can't have everything. What's really wild is that all this is up for sale for just $399,000. What are the downsides? Well, think about trying to heat that sanctuary in the winter. There may be a way to avoid that, since the living areas are somewhat separate. And it's listed as a condominium, which doesn't make much sense unless it's a reference to the HOA, which charges $794 a month for services that you could take care of yourself.

At any rate, this would be an adventure in home ownership; maybe even a blessing. -via Zillow Gone Wild ā€‹

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