Missouri Home for Sale is More Than Meets the Eye

This property in Polo, Missouri, doesn't look like much when you first approach it, but believe me, it's bigger on the inside -literally. There is 10,007 square feet of living space in the structure, all but a few feet of it underground. The walls are concrete, 2.5 feet thick, the entire structure is shielded in copper, and it has two 3,000-pound blast doors. Yes, it's a bunker with lots of room to fill with pretty much anything you can imagine except sunlight.

The aesthetic is definitely industrial, and the rooms are huge. The listing has no bedrooms and no bathrooms for legal reasons (there are no windows), but the images of the two-story living area show us two bathrooms and as many bedrooms as you might want to use. It comes with ten acres of land, an emergency escape hatch, and a 177-foot communications tower. There's also a gym, a theater, a soundproof music studio, and a glass-blowing studio inside.

Take a look around in 56 photos at the real estate listing, and see if this could be the place for you and your family to weather a zombie apocalypse. It could also work as a supervillain's lair. The price of $2 million is less than half of what it cost to build back in the 1960s, but this bargain comes with some lifestyle tradeoffs, as you can imagine. It just needs the right mole person to appreciate it. -via Fark, where the discussion is mostly about figuring out the guy who lives there from his wardrobe and equipment.

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