Neko Goten: The Award-Winning Luxurious Cat Tower of Hitomi Otake

Hitomi Otake was inspired by the craftmanship of traditional Japanese woodworking to build this wonderful and opulent playpen for cats called Neko Geton. It’s a small cat play-pen and cat tower that was created with the goal of better understanding cat behavior and providing a safe and pleasant environment for them to live and play in.

The Neko Goten is constructed from Fukui Prefecture oak and cedar wood and is expertly carved by experts. It consists of a stairway on the left side with a hole in the ground, a clawing board next to the staircase, a place for the cat to relax above, a roller in the middle, and food storage on the lower portion. Located directly above the storage is the cat’s bedroom area.

Otake designed the Neko Goten to be used in rental homes, cat cafes and vet clinics. It’s large size and multifunctionality, however, can make it difficult to fit in small Japanese dwellings. It’s also important to keep in mind the difficulties in packing and delivering such large units, especially for overseas shipping.

Images by: FURUSAKI Co., Ltd.

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