Nicola Da Urbino Dish Found in Drawer Fetches $1.7 Million At Auction

What's hiding in your home junk drawer? Pens, paper, maybe an old parking ticket. Lurking inside the abyss is probably not a rare 16th century Istoriato Maiolica plate featuring an image of biblical tale of Samson and Delilah. Nor is that dish likely signed by Nicola Da Urbino, but really believed to be by famed Nicola di Gabriele Sbraghe.  

According the CNN, the Istoriato Maiolica piece of tin glazed earthenware was found hiding in a drawer of the Lowood House. Hundreds of pieces from this UK house were sent to auction, but this particular gem fetched a whopping 1.26 million pounds! In US currency that's about $1.7 million. 

Finds like this are incredibly rare. It does, however, make one want to dig a little bit deeper into that junk drawer. Maybe, just maybe, there is an exceptional find hiding in there too.  

Image: Lyon & Turnbull

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