65-inch Rollable OLED TV by LG Electronics is Gorgeous but Costs $100,000

Folding phones may be all the rage for smartphones, but LG has upped the ante by releasing rollable electronics. Behold, the LG OLED R, the world's first and only rollable TV.

The LG OLED R television uses an ultra-thin 65-inch screen with self-lit pixel technology. When not in use, the screen discreetly folds in a roll inside an unobtrusive box. This gives the owner the ability to design the room without having to consider how to contend with a large, eye-catching television. At the same time, it gives them the ability to watch TV whenever they wish. Simply press a button on the remote which rolls out the OLED screen.

The rollable television has three modes: full view, line view and zero view. Full view is the full screen television as we've come to know it, whereas zero view is when the screen is completely hidden inside the box. Line view is where only a small portion of the screen is displayed. This view is perfect for showcasing music information, date and time, frames of photos, mood lighting and sounds, or LG's proprietary ThinQ Home Dashboard.

The LG OLED R currently costs $100,000.

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