Ryan Murphy's Eclectic Neutra Home

Ryan Murphy is a television writer, director, and producer. I had to look him up. He lives in a midcentury modern home that Richard Neutra designed in 1955 for the Brown family in Bel-Air. Murphy bought it just two years ago, and then decided he didn't want to live in a midcentury modern home. Instead of selling it, he furnished it with items from different eras and a lot of contemporary art. He wrote up an article about it for Architectural Digest, but that's paywalled, so he also called in a few favors and got celebrities to narrate a video about it, including Demi Moore, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Kim Kardasian, Naomi Watts, Niecy Nash, Chloë Sevigny, and Diane Lane.

Is this a real estate ad? No, he's not selling the house, he just wants to show it to us. Are we supposed to like it? Not necessarily. I think the very expensive furnishings from different eras clash enough to make it uncomfortable, but that's exactly what he was going for. One commenter at YouTube said that if you took the art out, it would look like any middle school building. But you might like his ideas. -via Digg 

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