So You Think YOUR Bedroom is Chaotic?

While you may want your home to look civilized, many people prefer a bedroom to be a reflection of their self-image. It's a private place where your personality can really shine. This may grow out of the ownership we took of out childhood bedrooms, where we kept our personal lives and things while the rest of the house belonged to our parents. So even as adults, we often end up with an "eclectic" bedroom, filled with the prized possessions we just don't care to show off in the living room.

ā€‹Myra Magdalen is a fashion designer, actor, and visual artist. She doesn't mind a bit to show us the way she's decorated her bedroom, which is very personal because you would never see these things anywhere else in the world.

After seeing her worm wall, nail clipper collection, and her inside dirt, you don't feel so bad about your Star Wars action figure collection on display, do you? You can see more of Magdalen's home and lifestyle at TikTok.  -via Digg ā€‹

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