Stranded Overnight at IKEA: Inconvenience or Fantasy Come True?

Have you ever wanted to live in an IKEA store? That way you wouldn't have to choose between all the furniture you want. Maybe you've thought how nice it would be to try out an IKEA bed before purchasing it. 

That scenario came true for customers who were forced to spend the night in an IKEA store in Aalborg, Denmark. While they were shopping, a sudden snowstorm dumped a foot of snow on the roads, and leaving was impossible for six customers and about two dozen employees. Workers from a toy shop next door also joined them for the night:

“We slept in the furniture exhibitions and our showroom on the first floor, where we have beds, mattresses and sofa beds,” store manager Peter Elmose told the Ekstra Bladet tabloid.

People could “pick the exact bed they always have wanted to try.”

Elmose said they spent the evening watching television and eating, adding it went “super well. It’s been a good night. All fun.”

The group made the most out of their situation, treating their predicament much like a slumber party. They chose the beds they wanted to try out, and didn't even have to put them together! They spent the evening watching TV and eating meatballs. 

Now compare this to, say, being stuck in a bar or a school overnight. Some places are nice for a short time, but a furniture store that also sells food is the handiest place to be stranded. A good time was had by all. -via Boing Boing 

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