Ten-Foot-Wide House in Florida is Surprisingly Roomy

What we know as a "spite house" is one built out of meanness or revenge. The smallest, weirdest-shaped houses often have such a story behind them. But a 10-foot-wide house built in Jacksonville beach, Florida, is more like a "despite  house." The landowner built a usable dream house despite the efforts of the neighbors to stop him.

For some reason, this neighborhood was originally divided into lots that were all 25 feet wide. When the lots were first laid out, there was no regulation about a 7.5 foot setback from the property line that you can't build a house on. Since the regulation was put in place, the setback was mostly ignored, and many of the lots were combined to make them bigger over time, anyway. But this lot at 1952 Horn Street remained at 25 feet, and a new owner wanted to put a house on it. This time, the neighbors were adamant about enforcing the setback ordinance. To build a house, the design had to have a maximum ten-foot-wide footprint, less then half the lot width. And that house was indeed built. ā€‹

The house is quite roomy, with two bedrooms and three bathrooms, a garage, and an interior area of 1,547 square feet. There's still room for a pool in the yard. And it's on the market for $619,000. See 46 photos of the narrow but nice house at Zillow. 

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